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National Youth Administration

Young defense woman trained in a National Youth Administration work center.jpg

Record of the positive impact the National Youth Administration had on the young adults during the Great Depression. The program also had a positive…

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Works Progress (Projects) Administration

Post Office Mural Forest Parkway WPA.jpg

The collection contains projects associated with the Works Progress Administration. The collection also depicts people who were positively affected by…

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Hull house

Jane Addams Hull-house Museum.jpg

Photographs and illustrations of poverty and homelessness. As well as political cartoons that give insight into the public perception of poverty…

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Women in war work

Women working in munitions work.jpg

Women of more socioeconomic classes were allowed to hold jobs during the war

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Marches and Protestors in the Women's Rights Movement

Suffrage prisoners leaving prison.jpg

Need description of collection why it was included and what ties images together

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